Pickle Party! And a Note About Fries...

Happy 1st day of August! Time is seriously flying by, and even though it seems like summer just started yesterday, it's sadly slowly coming to an end. Though I'm itching to get into soft cozy sweaters and be surrounded by warm pumpkin scents, a part of me is already nostalgic for fruity drinks and the summer sun. I'm eager to fill my last month of summer with as many fun activities as possible, so Andy and I headed to Anthropologie in Santa Monica last night to do just that! This summer, many Anthropologie locations along with some great bloggers teamed up to offer fun summer workshops. Yesterday's event was all about preserving summer, and what better way to do that than making the most delicious summer snack-a pickle! This workshop was hosted by one of my favorite bloggers Leah Bergman over at Freutcake. Admittedly, I was a little starstruck when I met her and I didn't do that great of a job of being discreet about it. Leah was the nicest host, and the setting was absolutely amazing, full of color and creativity! The evening was all about summer fun and Andy and I had such a great time pickling away!  

Can you tell which one is Andy's jar? :)
...After! This smelled DELICIOUS!
Our final product-currently sitting in our fridge waiting to be eaten!
Now about those fries...I am all about Yelping every restaurant before we visit it. I'm not one to enjoy surprises too often so I like to know what I'm getting myself in to. Yesterday while we were waiting for the pickling workshop, Andy and I decided we wanted to have dinner somewhere nearby. Instead of immediately reaching for my phone for suggestions, I decided we should go somewhere new...without Yelping it first (gasp!). We ended up at a really cool British pub just a few feet away from Anthro, and my goodness, it was love at first bite! Brittania British Pub is a charming little place with a lot of kick to it. We sat outside for our meal and enjoyed the sunny weather and fun surroundings. Andy had fish and chips, and I had some delicious wings and fries. Those fries...how I wish I had those fries sitting in front of me right now! They were amazing! I'm not one to usually rave about a fried potato, but really, these were just THAT good! Each fry was cut into perfectly thick strips, yet they still felt so light and crispy at the same time. They weren't salty in the least bit, nor did they feel too greasy either, but they definitely didn't lack any flavor. Yum! I want some now.

Thank you for stopping by! Till next time!

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